Solar Thermal Water Heating


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Solar technology is improving at a steady rate. What was only a dream a few years ago is now reality. Companies are offering solar air conditioners to help you cool your home for less, and you can now even get solar thermal water heating. Using the free energy provided by the sun, you can enjoy hot water while also lowering utility bills. More efficient than tank fewer systems, solar tanks are the best way to save on energy, water heating costs and help the environment.

It starts with solar panels installed on the roof where they will absorb energy from the sun throughout the day. The Georgia sun is bright and can provide you with more than enough energy to keep your water hot and ready for use.

A special liquid is circulated through the panels with the aid of a pump. Moving through the lines and warming from the sun, the hot liquid is sent to your holding tank to warm the water and make it ready for use. Most systems provide you with enough energy to handle 75 percent of your water heating needs, and that can cause a significant drop in your energy bill. Imagine how excited you would be to learn that a hot water heater would lower this particular expense by 75 percent or even more. This benefit of solar energy isn’t a pipe dream or technology coming in the future. It’s available now, and you can benefit from it. We offer free consultations, so call us now at 770-287-3265 to learn more about this impressive technology.