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Passionate about green energy and committed to helping our customers save money, we are dedicated to helping our customers take advantage of solar energy. Offering installation of panels and full solar systems, we also can help you save money with solar thermal water heating. An investment in your property, the system will pay for itself in a few years and allow you to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in electric bills.

Solar systems work by collecting power from the sun and converting it to a DC current. This is sent to an inverter that converts it to AC power your home can run from. Your home uses the electricity it can, and additional power is fed back into the grid and credited to you. If the sun is hidden for a few days due to storms, you will still have the municipal power supply as a backup. However, you will save an incredible amount of money by supplying your house with free power from the sun when possible.

The cost of a system varies depending on your home, how many panels can be installed, local rebates and the financing available to you. We offer free on-site consultations, and we can provide you with accurate information including details on local rebates.

After rebates are taken into account, it is estimated that most systems pay for themselves in eight to twelve years. Local residents will be thrilled to learn that Georgia Solar Rebates slash this time period to just one year, so you can start reaping the full benefits even sooner. Call us today at 770-287-3265 for a free consultation and to discover all the ways solar can benefit your home.